Mini Golden Doodles

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Below you will find all upcoming litters and you may list the litter you are interested in on the application. If you are undecided on a particular litter from the upcoming list then you may write in undecided. We would love to answer any questions you may have or help you get prepared for a future addition to your family!

Upcoming Litters

Breeding for Daisy/Mabyn mini/medium goldendoodles on 5/1/22.  These baboes will be due July 3, 2022.  Wait list is open for this litter.  We expect red, black, and chocolate abstract and merle colors.

Daisy/Mabyn mini/medium goldendoodles, expected weight 30-45 pounds an less than 20 inches in height.

Waitlist for Daisy/Mabyn

1.  GFG

2.  Stud pick

3.  Laura Carter

4.  Susan Moore



See our available puppies page for litters that have already been bred

Future Golden Doodle List

Waitlist for Future Goldendoodles

1. Carroll famity

2. Homesley family

3. Stegall family

4. Gain family

5. Leonard family

6. Carter family