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Golden Retrievers are an AKC registered breed that is known for being Scottish gun dogs. Their beautiful golden coat stands out and is extremely soft. Golden Retrievers are active dogs that love to play and are very intelligent. Bred in many areas for field trials, service dogs, or for hunting. Golden Retrievers can be between 55-75 pounds. Check out our social media links, chat with us, or contact us by phone if you have questions about our future Golden Retriever litters.

Golden Retrievers

Welcome to our Golden Retriever page

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Waiting List for Golden Retrievers

Please fill out an application and submit a $300.00 deposit in order to be added to the waiting list.  This deposit goes towards the cost of the puppy-see pricing page for final cost.  Please send an email to to receive instructions on placing the deposit.
The waitlist will be posted on this page so that you can verify your name is on the list we have.  After deposit please check back to make sure your name is here.  Thanks for your interest in our Goldendoodles.

Click here to access the puppy application

Waitlist for Kaia Golden Retrievers

1. GFG

2. GFG

3. Snow



Golden Retriever Current Litters/Waitlist

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